Main Office
Main Office
Mr Kuku Shop
+255 778 999 009
Maweni - Kigamboni (Big Stone Bus Stop)
Mr.kuku is the company that helps people of all income levels (law , medium and high) to
maximize their income in a relatively short time through investing in our short period projects that pays between (70 % to 100%) in
( 4 and 6 months), projects that are 100% risk free starting with the capital of only 150,000 TZS
  • Maximum profit within minimum time, The project time line is only four months for 70 % profit and six months for 100% profit margin
  • Client is not involved in the process:
The investor duty is to only invest, all process involved in production including sales, and marketing is exclusively done by us
  • High Security:
Our projects are insured with insurances